Till: Egypt's foreign minister Sameh Shoukry

Stop Fossil Fuels Now!

Dear minister Sameh Shoukry,

I read, that you will be the leader of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh. I also read, that you are not engaged yet in climate change issues. I would like to get you seriously involved.

What I am doing:
I am a 71-y-o grandma and will go by bicycle from my hometown Katrineholm in Sweden to Sharm el-Sheikh in your country, Egypt. It will not be easy for me to do that, but I am convinced, that I have to do it for the environment and against climate change, because I hope, I will be a role model and get people to understand, that we have to change our behaviors for our future generations to have a world to live in and not a miserable life with no prospect of survival.

Why am I doing it:
Seriously we already knew about climate change when I was a teenager, but nothing really happened even there have been 26 COP so far and the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was taking place in 1972 (in Stockholm - 50 years ago). We have to act now! All of us, you too. The most serious threats are the CO2 and Methane, which we increase more and more by extracting them more and more. In the contrary to the agreement at COP26, new fossil fuel plants are approved in different countries. We have to stop that and phase all of them out now - old ones and new ones! We already see climate change by higher temperatures, more tornadoes, more floods etc. all over the world. With this comes increased death tolls, decreased harvests, lack of drinking water and more. We have to stop this evolution!

What you can do:
Though, please, work for phasing out the usage of fossil fuels NOW.

Kind regards
Dorothee Hildebrandt

Varför är det viktigt?

As the scientists told and tell us - including them, who wrote the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, we're heading for disaster with seven-mile boots. All the COPs have not really given the result needed. In addition to that, leaders of many countries don't care about the agreements even they have signed them. This must change! We are living with the sixth mass extinction, which in a first step means, that a lot of animals including insects are dying very quickly, but the next step will be our extinction, because we are dependent on a well working environment for food.

Therefore I hope I can leave almost 1,000,000 signatures from all over the world to the leader of COP27. I will collect signatures during my bicycle tour to Egypt, but you can already start now and sign.