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Till: Ben Van Beurden

Adressing a Beurden

Adressing a Beurden

This is a letter writing campaign, trying to convince the CEO of Shell that a transition to green energy is the way to go. Write a letter yourself, copy mine or simply put your name on the list!

Dear Ben!

I'm writing you this letter because I deeply love and care for our planet. Through history, your company has done a fantastic job, providing it with the power necessary to create so many of the wonders and conveniences that we get to experience today, and for that I am forever grateful.

However, the switch has flipped and emissions from companies like yours are now one of the greatest threats that our planet is facing.

I am aware of your ”Net Zero” ambition, but you know just as well as me that it is not going to be enough, you state so yourself on your site. Simply compensating for your emissions wont do the trick, you will need to actually phase out black energy and replace it with green.

Even though the issue surely is complicated, you have the power to make a change in your business now, transitioning into the future, and becoming a lead figure in the green fight.

Fröken Smilla

Varför är det viktigt?

Science shows that we drastically need to lower our emissions during these next couple of years to avoid the worst consequences of the climate crisis. Shell is one of the worlds biggest producers of greenhouse gases and should therefore have both a responsibility and a possibility to become a lead figure in the transition to a greener world. If we are a bunch of people, writing letters/our names, then maybe Shell will finally take the step of phasing out their poisonous emissions, since all business is ruled by the law of supply and demand.

Hur den kommer att överlämnas

My plan is to keep writing letters to dear Ben Van Beurden until he gets the drill. When the names have piled up here I Will send the original letter again, now signed by all of you!

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