Till: Ylitornio kommun (FIN)

Protect and Preserve the Beauty and Character of the Tornedalen Valley

The intended Finnish development of 12 x 230 metre high wind-turbines on the high ground opposite Luppio and Hedenäset has to be stopped.

We all understand that sustainable green energy is needed and all municipalities need money, of course, but there must be alternative locations that will not have such a direct impact on the landscape and people living in our river valley communities on both sides of the river.

Varför är det viktigt?

For us who live in the Tornedalen Valley, and those who come to visit for work and for tourism, on both sides of the river, the attraction to this specific area is the admiration and enjoyment of a most beautiful, natural, and unspoilt landscape and environment that works in harmony with the history, traditions and character of the area.

However, by approving the current plan proposal Ylitornio Kommun can make it possible to build a development of 12 x 230 metre high wind-turbines on the high ground opposite Luppio and Hedenäset by next year. To help picture the scale of the turbines, they are the equivalent height of a 70 storey building and are almost 100 metres taller than any other building in Finland, so will be visible across a very large area.

If this development is approved and goes ahead, then there is every chance there will be further wind-turbine developments along the length of the Tornedalen Valley and the character and beauty of the valley could be altered for ever. In fact, several proposals for more wind-turbines Finnish projects are in the pipeline stretching from Tornio in the south to Pello in the north.

As well as the visual and environmental impacts, there can be a number of other negative effects on tourism, property values, loss of birdlife, loss of dark skies at night etc. All of such elements which make our area unique to experience and are the sole reason for many visitors to come and spend time here. Furthermore, we can see a surge in willingness of people and families with children to move to this area and settle here, often from the point of getting away from the exploited city areas and to enjoy the raw nature landscapes and all the activities it has to offer.

For further information on the plans please visit www.overtornea.se/revasvaara (in Swedish)

If you wish to oppose this development you need to act now in order do your bit to try and save our river valley. Fill out the form to the right and sign this petition by pressing the button "Skriv under".

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Hur den kommer att överlämnas

The final list with all names will be send directly to the municipal chief office of Ylitornio Kommun.

Övertorneå, Sverige

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