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Till: Cidesco, SHR, board of Gilda School.

Requesting answers regarding Gilda School AB

Students from Gilda school are hereby sending this document/compilation to the management of the school. We are waiting for the response and how the response to the critique.
This message is compiled by former and current students at Gilda School. This compilation refers to consumer dissatisfaction after purchasing the service regarding training as a skin and spa therapist in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm where the commitment behind this amounts to 245 former students who witness events during school time. We aim to get answers about how Gilda School response to these students who will make demands for repayment.

Varför är det viktigt?

Students at Gilda School have encountered numerous issues that warrant attention and action, aligning with Swedish laws. Here's a breakdown of the grounds for an impending notification:

Direct Discrimination: Students have endured racial remarks from both educators and management, along with differential treatment based on appearance and behavior, often resulting in personal attacks, profanity, and threats. Unfair comparisons and public criticisms have been commonplace.

VAB (Child Care) and Illness: Insufficient rights for child care (vab) have been provided, leading to unauthorized absences and forced work during sickness, including treating sick customers during the pandemic, despite public health advisories.

Disadvantage Due to Illness: Lack of support for students' mental and physical health needs during schooling has resulted in ongoing challenges affecting their well-being.

School's Grading System: The grading system favors social connections, with threats of non-graduation for dissent and requirements such as sales quotas for graduation, creating unfair pressure on students.

Sexual Harassment: Students have faced sexual harassment from both clients and educators, enduring uncomfortable situations and threats to their education and career prospects.

Direct Threats: Students have been intimidated with warnings, threats of expulsion, and damaging future employment prospects for raising concerns about the quality of education.

Adult Bullying: Bullying by peers and educators has persisted without adequate intervention, leading to severe psychological distress and even suicidal attempts.

Working Hours and Environment: Students have faced unreasonable work demands, including forced tasks during breaks, lack of restroom breaks, and stressful schedules with no respite.

Collective Punishments: Collective punishments have been imposed for individual shortcomings, unfairly penalizing all students.

Reimbursement of Missed Courses: Students have not received all promised course components, such as spa training sessions, despite payment.

Breach of Contract: Students have been coerced into signing new contracts and faced unexpected expenses not outlined in their initial agreements, impacting their financial obligations.

Occupational Injuries: Injuries sustained during practice, including permanent scarring, have not been adequately addressed or covered by insurance, posing risks to student well-being.

Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure a safe and equitable learning environment for all students at Gilda School.

Hur den kommer att överlämnas

We are going to send the signatures to CIDESCO, who requested to have the names and signatures of all the students and former students supporting our petition to get answers, the text above is what we sent to them.


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