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Till: Nobel prize committee

We demand that the Nobel prize committee boycotts the Islamic regime of Iran

So far over 250 people have been killed during the protests against The Islamic regime of Iran. Horrific violent images from Iran have been overflowing social media, showing how regime forces shoot directly at people and how children are killed by the regime. People all over the world have been protesting in support of the Iranian people. The Islamic regime is by all means a heinous dictatorship whose mere existence is a direct human rights violation. Any organization that promotes democracy should boycott the Islamic regime of Iran. The Nobel committee should immediately withdraw the Nobel prize award ceremony invitation for all regime representatives. Any other act is a direct sign of ignorance and an act of violence towards the people of Iran.

Varför är det viktigt?

The brave people of Iran are fighting for their most basic human rights. To invite any representatives from the regime is a direct way of normalizing the oppressed that the Iranian people are fighting against


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